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Carole Fabrics: The Finest Soft Window Coverings

Carole Fabrics Window Coverings

Carole Fabrics has been producing high-quality window coverings for over 60 years. They only choose the finest materials for their products, and each one is made to your exact specifications, including size, fabric selection, linings, pleats, mount types, and more. 

The Carole Fabrics selections include a wide variety of window coverings: 



Carole Fabric draperies are completely custom. There are options for every aesthetic from opulent elegance to simplicity. Draperies are ideal for adding dimension to a space as well as offering excellent light control and privacy. Draperies can be classically pleated or include the Ripplefold, a special type of pleat exclusive to the brand.


Soft Shades

Soft shades are a great alternative to traditional window treatments. They deliver maximum light control and are available in an array of colors, styles, and fabrics. The different operating types include:

  • Flat Roman shades
  • Front fold Roman shades
  • Reverse fold Roman shades
  • Hobbled Roman shades
  • Soft Roman shades
  • Slouch Roman shades
  • Austrian shades
  • Pleated balloon shades

Decorative Fabric Roller Shades

This type of shade combines traditional operation with decorative fabrics, making them perfect for layering. From bold to subtle, these window treatments bring substance to every room. They can be inside or outside mounted. Multiple valance options are available, and for ultimate safety, many versions are cordless. Carole Fabrics offers two types of decorative shades: standard and reverse rolled.


Carole Fabrics has much to offer your windows. Learn more by contacting us today or stop by our showroom to see samples, 1785 NW Maynard Rd, Cary, NC 2751 or call us at (919) 380-0898.


Carole Fabrics Custom Window Treatments

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