How to Keep Bugs Away with Window Shades

How to Keep Bugs Away with Window Shades

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As temperatures rise, we’re spending more time outside and also opening our windows a lot more to let in fresh air. While this is great, it also means we’re going to have to deal with more bugs. There’s nothing like creepy, crawly, buzzing bugs to put a damper on your summer fun. What can you do? These tips, like using special candles or installing window shades on your Raleigh, NC home, can help keep the bugs away:

Seal the Windows – Many windows have gaps that make it easy for bugs to sneak inside your home. Make sure your windows are sealed by investing in new, tight replacement windows or by trying out effective treatments like window shades.

Try Natural Repellants and Traps – If you’re not a fan of chemical insect repellants or traps, try natural remedies. For example, spray windows and doorframes with white vinegar and water to keep the ants away, or put a small dish of white wine out on your counter to attract and drown fruit flies. Also, spiders hate the smell of fresh peppermint, so spray down your doors and windows with a solution of peppermint essential oil and water.

Clean Up – Bug are attracted to food, so if there are crumbs or food bits out in your home the bugs will want to come in for a bite. Make sure your countertops and floors are wiped clean and be sure to properly store food away in the fridge or cabinets.

Check Your Basement at Attic – These areas are ripe for issues like cracks, open vents, leaky pipes, and other ways that bugs can sneak in. Caulk all openings around laundry vents, chimneys, and pipes, and seal larger openings with steel wool.

Get Rid of Standing Water – Mosquitos breed in standing water. So, if you want to keep your home free of these biting pests, get rid of any standing water you have in or around your home like barrels, planters, ditches, or dehumidifiers.

Cover Food While Outdoors – Flies and other bugs are always looking for food, so they’ll surely be attracted to your BBQ, salad, or even that glass of wine you like to enjoy on your deck. Cover your food while outdoors so you don’t attract the bugs.window shades in your Raleigh NC 300x240

Use a Fan – Oscillating fans often create breezes that are strong enough to blow flying bugs like flies, mosquitos, and bees off course. Use fans inside and outside your home to keep them away from an area like the dinner table or patio.

Plant Specific Plants – There are plants that bugs cannot stand. For example, mosquitos hate the smell of peppermint, sage, rosemary, and lavender. Plant these plants in flower beds, planters, or pots around seating areas to keep the bugs away.

The best way to keep bugs out of your home is to seal them out with quality windows and window treatments, like Raleigh, NC window shades. Kiwi Designs, Fine Blinds & Shutters is here to help if you’d like to learn more. Call or visit us today.

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