Design Trends for 2023

Design Trends for 2023

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There’s a lot to do when planning a renovation or update! But don’t despair – if you’re looking to update your home and your window blinds in Durham, NC, it’s easy to get started on making your home the best it can be if you take inspiration from up-and-coming trends for the upcoming new year.

From sustainable and safe choices to bringing in more natural light and bright colors, here are the up-and-coming home design trends for 2023:

  • Sustainability and Safety – Green, sustainable living has never been more popular. If you haven’t invested in energy-efficient, sustainable choices for your home right now is the best time to start. Sustainable products not only save the environment, but they also help save you money. Look for upcycled décor items or choose local, sustainable vendors. Most of all, make your home energy efficient by choosing updated replacement windows that will lower your energy usage and bill.
  • Add Metal – An interesting contrast to all the organic materials will be metal accents. Metal finishes on furniture, light fixtures, and artwork add industrial, modern interest to home décor and helps balance out a potential excess of natural materials and textures.
  • Natural Light – To match the organic materials, houses are also going to be filled with natural light in 2023. This is because natural light creates an open, airy feeling that’s impossible to duplicate with electric light. Plus, natural light helps highlight the finishes and colors in a space. This lean towards natural light might manifest with lots of big windows, so consider adding a few extra windows with blinds to your home where you can.
  • Splashes of Color – Neutral hues will still keep the spotlight, but in 2023 they will begin to be accented by splashes of soft colors, like earthy greens, pastel pinks, soft blues, light mints, and cool terracotta. There are also rumors that black or darkly colored pops of accents might be making a comeback.
  • Intimate Spaces – Even though open-concept home design plans aren’t going anywhere; many people will be adding intimate areas and seating into their designs come 2023. This trend will pop up in the form of zones that create multiple gathering spots in one large room. For example, you can add an armchair or a pouf in a nook or corner to create a special seating area in your living room.window blinds in Durham, NC
  • Organic Materials – Organic materials like wood, bamboo, wicker, hemp, rattan, jute, and more are going to be big in 2023. You can expect them to appear in furniture, finishes, decorations, and other pieces like window blinds. Organic materials are easy to incorporate into almost any home in accents and accessories to add or to serve as centerpieces in a space, especially when used as blinds for your windows.

We are here to help if you want to learn more about home design or Durham, NC window blinds. Our expert team is ready and waiting to make your window covering dreams come true. Call or visit us today!

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