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January 9, 2023
window shutters Raleigh, NC

Farmhouse Décor and Window Shutters

Is farmhouse décor still stylish? From shiplap and raw wood to window shutters Raleigh, NC farmhouse style décor made a big comeback in recent years. The […]
January 2, 2023
Raleigh, NC window blinds

How to Prepare a House to Sell

There are lots of things you need to do before you put up a “for sale” sign. In order to maximize the amount of money you […]
December 26, 2022
window coverings in Durham, NC

Window Coverings for Single-Hung and Double-Hung Windows

Are you looking for new windows and window coverings in Durham, NC? The best place to start your research for new replacement windows is to learn […]
December 19, 2022
window shades in Durham, NC

Choosing Window Shades Based on Home Direction

Your house’s direction impacts how and when the sun hits each room and goes through the windows, therefore impacting how the sun filters through your windows […]
December 12, 2022
window shutters for your Durham, NC

Window Shutters for Cape Cod Homes

Should you choose curtains, blinds, or window shutters for your Durham, NC Cape Cod home? Choosing the treatments for the windows on your home is a […]
December 5, 2022
window blinds on your Durham, NC

Controlling Natural Light With Window Blinds

While natural light is wonderful, there are some moments when you might want to reduce it, like if you’re sleeping, watching something on your TV, or […]
November 28, 2022
window coverings in Durham, NC

New Homeowner Tips

Purchasing real estate is a big deal and an exciting opportunity. But as with anything new, learning how to take care of a house will take […]
November 21, 2022
window shades in Durham, NC

Window Shades for Your Contemporary Home

Wondering how to style your contemporary house? Start by adding window shades to your Durham, NC home! Let us explain. Contemporary design is all about clean […]
November 14, 2022
window shutters on your Durham, NC

Keep Pests Out!

It’s not hard to keep pests out of your home with a little work and attention. The best way to get rid of pests in your […]
November 7, 2022
window blinds in Durham, NC

Design Trends for 2023

There’s a lot to do when planning a renovation or update! But don’t despair – if you’re looking to update your home and your window blinds […]
November 8, 2021
Parkland Classics Raleigh NC Window Blinds Shades And Shutters

Professional Energy Audits and Window Shutters

You love the windows and window shutters on your Raleigh, NC home. But are they efficient? Your windows might be drafty, leaky, and inefficient, which can […]
October 11, 2021
window shutters on your Raleigh, NC

The Most Valuable Home Projects

Renovation can be pricy, but some projects, like adding window shutters to your Raleigh, NC home, can increase the value of your home or, in other […]
September 13, 2021
window shutters in Raleigh, NC

Updating Your Dining Room with Window Shutters

Nothing puts a damper on a dinner more than an outdated dining room. Luckily, a few small but thoughtful upgrades can make a big impact in an […]
August 9, 2021
Raleigh, NC window shutters

How to Maintain Windows in the Summer

Looking for inspiration for summer maintenance? Work on your windows and shutters! After all, The summer is a great time to work on projects, especially those […]
July 12, 2021
Raleigh, NC window shutters

Why Should You Buy Window Shutters?

With their stylish designs, adjustable shapes, and ability to seamlessly adapt into a range of decors, privacy needs and light preferences, Raleigh, NC window shutters would […]
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